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  • Complete the mazes during this wild ride through the five senses of the human body.
  • Play games at the flea circus and beat the clock!
  • Program Artbot to follow your commands and reveal the hiding art!
  • How fast can you beat the clock? Set the timer to find out. Ready, set, go!
  • Complete the journal and escape from Dr. Know It All. Use your best sleuthing skills. It's tricky!
  • Where is Doctor Know it All this time? Find him in this next chapter!
  • Catch Doctor Know It All before he escapes again!
  • Race through time and catch Dr. Know It All once and for all. Without your help, reading will be lost forever!
  • Big Wig Sub Shop: Find two numbers that equal the customer order and watch your crazy wig grow!
  • Help Bruce McBruce connect the dots to find out what is hiding behind the lines.
  • Find all the words that describe each picture in this fast-paced, bumper car game!
  • Follow the birthday cake orders to a tee and you'll fill the party with glee!
  • Be a word champ in this fun crossword game!
  • Use your math skills and click on the coins... fast! Try to get to the next level before time runs out!
  • Join Tumbleweed at Golf Meadows for some mini-golfing!
  • Keep Sammi and LT healthy before time runs out!
  • Help Sam Sleuth find the missing pieces to her mystery machine!
  • Help Tumbleweed get to the top of the castle using your math skills!
  • Exercise your math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Search the ocean for treasure while trying to avoid the deadly pirates who look to get in your way.
  • Do you have the time to make some rhyme? This is the game that may bring you some fame!
  • Help Tumbleweed get his seeds to his car by making a path. Remember to find the secret pieces!
  • Hit the ski hill with Vikings Helga and Darcy! The Trick Book has neat information to help you play.
  • Lace up your soccer cleats, kids! You get to be the goalie and the kicker against Vikings Helga and Darcy.
  • Help Captain Kent avoid meteors and flying space objects as he speeds around the planets.
  • Are you spelling bee material? Find out by testing your spelling skills with the cute little Spelling Bee.
  • Create sentences using nouns and adjectives for tales full o' surprises!
  • The Reading Rangers help Mayor McNabb pronounce tongue twisters.
  • Tumbletown is all mixed up! Help Daisy and Tumbleweed put it back in order.
  • Beat your last score! Play Tumbletown Mathletics now!
  • Tumbleweed and friends are going camping and he needs help with shopping!
  • Help Helga and Darcy solve the winter words! Brr!
  • Help Franz and Helga conquer word puzzles all over Ontario!
  • You can play this game in single or multiplayer mode!