Cutie Pugs

Bath Time

The rain has finally stopped and Dee Dee and the Cutie Pugs can't wait to play in all the puddles in the backyard. Splish-splash! That is, until Mom appears to see Dee Dee and the puppies covered in mud. Time for a bath! First, she fills the plastic tub with water from the garden hose, and then pours gooey, soapy stuff in! Yay, it's bath bubbles! Since Pablo' the dirtiest, he gingerly allows Mom to lower him into the tub. Dee Dee gives him a good cleaning and he realizes a bath can be fun. After all the pugs have a bath, they move indoors where we see Mom drying a just-bathed Dee Dee with a fluffy towel, surrounded by clean pugs who are ready for cuddles. Bath time is so much fun!