Cutie Pugs

The Pillow Fort

It's nighttime and everyone is fast asleep - Dee Dee in her bed, and the Cutie Pugs in her room on their own doggie bed. Good morning! It's daytime. Time to wake up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and now let's play! Dee Dee takes sofa cushions, pillows and blankets and drops them on the living room floor. What's she doing? The pugs watch curiously as she builds a - pillow fort! She starts with the cushion walls, then the pillow floors, and finally the blanket roof. The pugs climb in next to Dee Dee and cuddle. Dee Dee asks Dad if she can sleep with the pugs in the pillow fort. Now it's night, time for a bedtime story. Good night Mom and Dad. Good night Dee Dee. Good night Cutie Pugs.