Space Racers - K-2 Science


When a physically disabled new cadet arrives one day, the racers are afraid to ask about his short wing. But fearless little Starling approaches Merlin, learns that he was born that way, and that he's perfectly okay with it. Coach Pigeon announces a race to Mars and its moons in teams of two, and the cadets pick their teammates. No one chooses Merlin, so Coach teams him up with Eagle, R 4 who's not happy with the idea of being slowed down. As the race begins, Eagle and Merlin get off to a slow start... until Merlin unexpectedly twirls in a tornadolike spin and blasts ahead of everyone - helping them cross the finish line first! Famed scientist Dr. Sparrowhawking emerges from the crowd in his wheelchair to congratulate Merlin, telling the thrilled young rocket that he knows all too well about overcoming a disability... and that Merlin is destined for greatness, too.