Space Racers - K-2 Science

Great Balls of Fuel!

The cadets and teachers journey to far-off Deep Space Station Gagarin for a closer viewing of the vast Kuiper Belt, hosted by their old friend, Russian rocket scientist Trogon. When Eagle and Raven sneak away for a game of space tag - zipping through the tubes and corridors of the station - they unwittingly tear a hole in the main fuel storage tank... causing fuel to leak out into zero gravity. Pretty soon everyone is puzzled to see fluid spheres floating by all around them. Galloping globules! A quick check on the fuel tank reveals it to now be empty - the very same fuel they'll need to get back to Earth! The spheres are too fluid and elusive to grasp, causing much slow-motion slapstick mayhem. After some frantic but unsuccessful attempts, the kids finally hit upon a solution: using straws to pierce the floating bubbles and drink the fuel out of mid-air.