Space Racers - K-2 Science

The Happiest Rocket in the World

While trying to retrieve some papers that Dodo dropped under his desk, Vulture BONKS his head - which completely reboots his sour personality. Suddenly the school board chairman exudes love and joy! Rolling brightly around campus, he compliments one and all, assists cadets in need, joins Starling and her dollies for a tea party, sings and dances and generally tries to help everyone... leaving havoc in his wake. With Vulture's sunny new disposition reaching crisis levels, Crane, Dodo and the kids resolve to somehow restore the old, familiar sourpuss. They try everything they can to anger him, but nothing works - till they finally realize that Newton's Third Law (,For every action there is an equal and opposite R 9 reaction,) is the answer: BONKING Vulture's bottom with an Orb-O orb does the trick, restoring his disagreeable personality... much to everyone's relief.