Space Racers - K-2 Science

Orange Outrage

When the high-flying Rooster Rockets endorse a new energy-boosting fuel drink called Orange Outrage, Eagle can't wait to get his wings on it. But Coach Pigeon bans it from the cafeteria: that junk is bad for growing rockets! To Eagle's delight and Coach's chagrin, they soon find the drink everywhere after Vulture strikes an exclusive deal to offer it at the academy. Orange Outrage's effects begin to show; the racers have engine problems, and trouble sitting still or sleeping. Sneaking backstage before a show, the kids discover their heroes drinking the old fuel instead. The embarrassed Roosters come clean that it was just an endorsement, and after the show they announce that they'll no longer shill for the drink. They thank the cadets for helping them do the right thing, while Vulture is furious - and would do more... if only he didn't feel so sluggish.