Space Racers - K-2 Science

Paint your Rocket

During a race across Saturn's moon Titan, a cryovolcano blast strips Hawk of his colors. Eager to look like himself again, he goes in for a paint job, but a robotic error causes the cadet to emerge with a new, shockingly colorful body. He soon finds himself idolized by young groupies who follow his every move, turning him into the campus 'rock star.' To Eagle and Robyn's dismay, their friend has become ruled by his newfound fame. Inspired by Hawk's new status, Crow flies to Titan and quickly finds himself in danger. When the older cadets soar to the rescue, Hawk acts on his instincts to rescue Crow from an icy blast, accidentally stripping his paint off again. Now deemed a hero for his actions, Hawk realizes R 2 that he prefers to be guided by what really counts: what's inside. He schedules a new paint job and to everyone's relief, emerges looking like his old self.