Space Racers - K-2 Science

Remember the Past, Discover the Future

Stardust Bay's annual "All-Star Weekend" is a few days away, and most of the kids can't wait to meet some of the academy's famed former cadets. Raven, however, seems unusually quiet. When Headmaster Crane shows them a tribute video that highlights the flying skills of legendary cadet/racer Falcon Fairflight, Raven quietly slips away. What's gotten into him? Turns out he's trying to master Falcon's signature move, the near-impossible "triple corkscrew," but failing miserably. Crane finds Raven alone, wistfully rewatching the video... and wishing he could be more like Falcon, whom we learn was his late father. It's not what Falcon was able to do in the air, Crane explains, it's what he had inside: heart and determination. Raven ultimately finds a way to prove to himself - and to his friends - that he's made of the same strong fiber as his celebrated dad.