Space Racers - K-2 Science

Return to Sender

While Hawk searches for them during a game of Hide & Seek, Starling and Dinky hide inside a box - which turns out to be a crate that's sealed and shipped into space by warehouse robots. The clueless pair has no idea what's going on, but play tic-tac-toe inside the crate to pass the time. Eventually growing restless, they try everything they can to escape from the box... and once they finally succeed, discover that they're now inside a giant warehouse on Mars. Luckily, Russian rocket scientist Trogon happens to be working there at the time. He helps them contact Stardust Bay, and looks after them until Hawk arrives to escort the tiny pair back to Earth... but not before Dinky playfully hides himself one more time - amid the thousands of crates and boxes in the Martian warehouse!