Space Racers - K-2 Science

Star Power

Captain Cosmos fever grips Stardust Space Academy, as filming of a live-action movie version of the show is announced. Even more thrilling, they're coming to Stardust Bay to shoot the movie - and they plan to cast a cadet as actor Peacock J. Thunderbird's sidekick, ,Buzzard Boy., All the Cosmos fans get competitive but it's Eagle who lands the coveted role! His ego soaring, Robyn and Hawk feel very relegated to the sidelines. When filming begins near an active volcano, Eagle quickly learns about stunt doubles... but Starling and Crow mistakenly assume he's capable of his (make-believe and carefully choreographed) on-screen feats. Eager to emulate Eagle, the pair gets stuck inside the volcano's dangerous ash plume. Needing Hawk's and Robyn's help to rescue them, Eagle learns about staying humble - and remembering who your friends are.