Space Racers

Space Girl Explorers

Sandpiper leads Robyn, Starling and Lark off to Jupiter's moon Europa for their Space Girl Explorers meeting. This is Robyn's big chance to get her 150th badge, for Trailblazing, and finally earn her ,Saturn Stripes., After several unsuccessful attempts, she's dejected and disappointed... until she picks up a mysterious audio signal that includes the words, ,Hello, aliens., Aliens? The girls have a real mystery on their wings! Now they need the right tool - so off they fly again, this time to a powerful radio telescope in orbit of Mars. There they track the signal and learns that it's coming from outside the solar system. But from whom? Back on Earth, Robyn discovers the source of the radio signal: a very old probe that Coot launched years ago. Robyn finally earns her elusive badge because ,trailblazing isn't just about finding new physical paths. It's also for discovering new paths of thinking!,