Epic Christmas Party

Last Christmas, Tom and his family had a great time at Auntie Alice's and Uncle Kevin's. Everyone was there except the Wrinklies (Tom's Mum's parents), who always go somewhere sunny for Christmas. This year Tom suggested everyone come to their house. Great idea! Until he realises this means he has to give up his room for Kevin and Alice. Tom has to sleep in the living room with his cousins, who are up all night watching TV! Tom worries that Father Christmas won't know where he is sleeping. Luckily, his stocking is still full of treats in the morning but Christmas day at Tom's house is quickly turning into a disaster. Dad forgot to defrost the turkey AND to buy crackers for the table. Tom hid the TV remote in the washing machine, which is now on, and Granny Mavis made Christmas pudding with Brussels sprouts! Tom tries to cheer everyone up by handing out some awesome homemade crackers. His jokes get everyone laughing and soon they are all having a great time, despite the cold dinner. Then the doorbell rings and a pair of surprise guests turns out to be the best Christmas present of all. Liz doodles tree decorations, we make banging Christmas crackers and play Spot The Elf On The Shelf!