The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

School Dinner Blues

Tom's school is being visited by a school inspector. This means the teachers are stressed, the floors are super clean, the walls are decorated with pictures of healthy fruit and vegetables. Everyone wants to impress and Tom wants to get a star pupil badge, so he's going to write a great poem... but about what? Tom shows us how to make a pitta-bread pizza with tomato puree, herbs and grated cheese. Tom has been doodling bugs, and so gets us to play a game to guess which bug wins a race. Which bug will be the winner? Liz opens the doodle box to find a plain lunch box that is in need of some excellent Tom Gates-style decoration. Tom finally writes his poem and gets to share it with the whole class. Just as he's about to start, the school inspector arrives. Tom's poem is all about getting the School Dinner Blues... Soon Tom is chanting 'We want chips!' Will Mr Fullerman be impressed enough to give Tom a prize pupil badge?