Camp Tree Fort: Portraits

Send us your self portraits!
Time to get crafty! Create a self portrait and share it with us! You can draw it, paint it, make one out of macaroni noodles or items you find around the house! Share it here and we'll show them on That TVOkids Show!
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It's Spring Break and That TVOkids Show is celebrating all week long at Camp Tree Fort! Get ready to get crafty and share your talents with Laura, Monica and Lucas all week long!



Character Impressions!

Record your best TVOkids character impression and e-mail it to us at!



Musical Performances!

Do you play an instrument or love to sing? We want to hear! Send us a video of your best musical performance!



Dance Party!

Do you love to dance? It's time to show off your moves! Send us a video of you busting your best dance moves!