Jerry and the Raiders

Fuzzbots / Mr. Rathbone

Jerry's best friend Wolf comes over to skateboard, but Dad won't let Jerry skate without his helmet. Jerry talks the Raiders into helping him look for it. Encountering Fuzzbots under the bed, ferocious fuzzy creatures that smother everything, the Raiders perform a daring rescue to get Jerry's helmet. As the Raiders begrudgingly clean the mess they made, Jerry educates them about dust bunnies. --- The Raiders help Jerry build a model airplane when a new neighbor, 7-year old Jamie, asks for help finding Mr. Rathbone, her cat. Jerry gets his dad to draw a picture for a poster, but the Raiders overhear 'sharp Claws and big teeth" and are convinced a jungle cat is on the loose. They will 'capture' it with dad's camera. When they spot BURNING RED EYES in the back yard, they are terrified. Flying Jerry's newly built plane to scare off the animal, they sputter and fall to the ground - and almost get caught as not your normal toys , but Jamie is distracted by her cat in the tree. Later, even though Jerry explains how cat's eyes turn red in reflected light, but Bakko is still sure Burning Eyes is out there.