Jerry and the Raiders

Garbage Thief / A Fishy Tale

Dad keeps interrupting Jerry's (and the Raider's) soccer game to remind him about finishing the jobs he started. But when Jerry forgets to put the garbage lid back on in the shed, strange sounds and shapes scare them. The Raiders are convinced it is the Gruel of Garbage! Raiders to the Rescue! Trying to scare the Gruel away they only make matters worse until they discover it is simply a mother raccoon trying to feed her baby. Jerry now understands why it was a good idea to finish putting the lid on that garbage! --- Nicole and the Raiders feel increasingly ignored as Jerry becomes totally absorbed with a new fish he caught in their pond and named Herman. Feeling hurt, the Raiders take a closer look, discovering Herman has legs, which means he is not a fish - he is a MONFIBIAN - a monster that eats everything in sight! Raiders to the Rescue! They dump Herman back in the pond. Finding his beloved Herman gone, Jerry now feels terrible. He's sorry he ignored them but explains Herman was actually a TADPOLE for his school project and explains the life cycle of a frog. Now Nicole and the Raiders feel terrible. Finally the four of them catch Herman (or a look-alike) and his mother who is a jumping frog.