Jerry and the Raiders

Hole Lot Of Lettuce / Grandfather Clock

Jerry discovers a good use for his math when the Raiders find holes in the lettuce leaves he is picking for Dad. Raiders first blame Nicole but are quickly convinced this Munching Monster must be captured before he eats the whole garden. Raiders to the Rescue! Which results in all the lettuce accidently being ripped up. When the Munching Monster turns out to be garden slugs, Jerry is delighted to see one up close and tells them all about slugs. Dad is not quite as delighted when Jerry brings in all the lettuce, but promises to rid their garden of slugs. --- Jerry promises to make a party hat for Nicole but forgets and realizes he is running out of time. The Raiders decide to give him a hand by stopping time. They sneak down to mom's special Grandfather clock in the hallway. But when Bakko gets locked inside, swinging dizzily on the pendulum, Jerry must stop work on the hat and figure out how to get Gant inside the clock in a huge rescue operation. By the time Mom and Nicole appear with a cookie party hat, Jerry has saved the day and mom's clock.