Jerry and the Raiders

The Mighty Drip / Hair-Em Scare-Em

Discarded as silly action figures for Jerry's 7th birthday, The Galactic Raiders - Bakko and Gant -magically come to life to investigate a mysterious sound coming from down the hall. Waking up their startled "Commander" Jerry, they take him and his 4-year old sister Nicole on a mission to save the neighborhood from what they believe is an invading force trying to steal Jerry's water from a leaking faucet - drop by drop. --- Haircut day! Nicole is excited but Jerry hates change, especially changing his hair. Suddenly Nicole wails - her caterpillar Stripey is missing!! The kids ask mom for time to look for Stripey. The Raiders find Stripey. He's been captured by the Pod Poacher and is trapped inside a pod. The Raiders are about to slingshot the pod over the fence to save them all when Jerry realizes that it might just be a chrysalis. Sure enough, they watch a beautiful monarch emerge- pretty big change for Stripey. They are all so happy that even Jerry is now ready for a change - at least to his hair.