Jerry and the Raiders

Night Spies / Wilson's Whistle

Nicole is devastated to miss Jerry's first sleep-out in the tree house (she is catching a cold) so her brother teaches her flashlight signals. But while Jerry is inside showing Nicole how, the Raiders spot spies silently flying around the tree house, blinking signals to each other, obviously planning an invasion. Raiders to the Rescue! The sleep-out is ruined as Jerry and the Raiders try to capture the invaders. Finally under a magnifying glass, they discover the magic of fireflies. But by then everyone (but Bakko) falls asleep. --- When Jerry's aunt brings over her new puppy Wilson, both kids compete to take care of him. But the puppy only sleeps. Jerry needs to finish practicing his musical recorder, (despite everyone's aching ears) and forgets to check and the puppy disappears. They look everywhere, trying every Raider trick, but no luck. Jerry finds a whistle in the basket, but no sound comes out of it. Disappointed he blows again and to everyone's surprise the puppy comes. That night they explore human hearing and dog's hearing. When Bakko makes fun of Jerry's recorder playing, he tries himself and even dogs outside howl.