Jerry and the Raiders

Red Baron / Bubble Trouble

As Jerry and his friend Wolf are perch in the tree house taking pictures of a lunar eclipse, Bakko and Gant mistakenly thinks the Red Baron is turning the moon red. The moon's red reflection in the pond prompts Gant to jump in to capture him. Jerry has to rescue Gant avoid Wolf from getting suspicious. --- Dad has a deadline so Jerry offers to make lunch-how hard can it be?! Nicole has gum from a Birthday party, chews it, and sticks it on the kitchen table. Curious, Gant steps in it and gets stuck. Desperate to get out of the gum, he gets Bakko's attention. Bakko is convinced this sticky stuff is a Blibber Blubber plot to trap everyone. Jerry notices the Raiders are stuck to the ceiling, hanging on a bubble-gum thread right over an unsuspecting dad. Once Jerry figures out the properties of gum and how to get gum off surfaces, he rescues the Raiders and even shows his sister how to blow huge bubbles.