Jerry and the Raiders

Robo-Vac / Pot Of Gold

Excited to go on a family beach outing, Jerry's mother warns she will leave him with the babysitter if his room is not cleaned in ten minutes. But when Jerry turns on the vacuum (over the protest of the Raiders convinced this Monster Robot from outer space will suck up the neighborhood) Gant becomes ROBO VAC'S first victim. Jerry has to figure out how a vacuum works in order to rescue Gant AND get his room cleaned, with the help of Nicole and the Raiders, all before ten minutes are up. --- One rainy day Jerry reads Nicole's favorite poem about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, boring the Raiders to tears. As the sun comes out, the Raiders spot a rainbow that ends in the garden. Jerry tries to convince them this is just a fable, but they insist on digging to find the pot of gold - hole after hole. Mom is not happy with all the holes in her garden, but when they find GOLD and give it to her, she is very happy. It is her grandmother's gold ring that she lost a long time ago. That night as Jerry discovers how rainbows work, Bakko is still convinced there is a pot of gold waiting.