Jerry and the Raiders

Web Master / Odour Ogre

Realizing he forgot to make anything for his mother's birthday, Jerry asks Nicole to keep his mother occupied upstairs so he and Raiders can pick blueberries. But a web covering the back door convinces Bakko that they are up against the dreaded Web Master. Jerry explains it is a harmless spider web just as Bakko throws Nicole's hand-made birthday card into the web to knock it down but it gets caught. Jerry orders Bakko to get it down before Nicole freaks out. But Bakko would rather send Gant instead. A daring rescue of Nicole's card has a happy birthday ending for Jerry's mom. --- When Amanda, Jerry's dreaded babysitter arrives, he and the Raiders pretend to play 'hide in his closet' until a terrible odor drives them out. Trying to locate the terrible smell means tearing the house apart, much to Amanda's dismay. But when they go outside to search, and Nicole chases a sweet black and white 'kitty' (a skunk), it is the Raiders who save the day. Soaking in a special concoction to get the skunk smell off, the Raiders are less than interested in learning about a sense of smell than in smelling better fast!