Jerry and the Raiders

Where Is Tom Post? / Knock-Knock

No one can figure out why Nicole loves taking out the compost until the day she accidently drops Jerry's new pen inside the compost box. When Jerry hears that some guy named "Tom Post" won't give his pen back Jerry goes with her to confront him quickly realizing Nicole has mistaken 'compost' for "Tom Post". Nicole thinks she is feeding him. Jerry tries to explain to her what compost is and what it does but realizes that Wolf's comic books (ones he thought he had lost) are very likely in the compost box as well. In a daring and dirty feat, the Raiders dive into the compost box (managing to tip it over) and discover Jerry's pen and Wolf's comics, fortunately still in their wrapper. --- Jerry is sleeping out in the treehouse with the Raiders, trying his Knock-Knock jokes on them for show and tell in the morning. Neither Raider understands the jokes right away, but finally Gant does and won't quit making them up. Gant keeps physically knocking when he says KNOCK-KNOCK. Finally Jerry gets them both to quiet down, but the knocking persists. And there is a terrible smell too. Scared, they check it out. Bakko is convinced it is a Hammer Head and that could only spell trouble. Finally they capture the monster making the knocking to find it is a fascinating Mink Frog who makes a sound exactly like a hammer knocking. Now Jerry really has something for his show and tell... and he might do one of Gant's Knock-Knock jokes too.