Sunny's Quest: The Complete Series

Kara & Zara

Kara and Zara are 8-year-old twins from Halifax, Nova Scotia. They immigrated 4 years ago from Nigeria and love animals, learning about Black History in Nova Scotia, and sharing their Nigerian culture! It's time for a fashion show, starring Kara and Zara! The twins demonstrate their love of Nigerian fashion by modeling Ankara print clothing that have beautiful bold patterns! Their beads are also a fashion piece and are said to protect people from evil! That's good to know! Now it's time to eat, and Kara and Zara show us how to make their favourite Nigerian meal, Pepper Soup! They share it with the entire family - yummy! After lunch, Kara and Zara teach us a few dance moves of a Nigerian folklore dance, while dancing to the beats of an Igba drum! Next stop is a tour of the Africville Museum, where Kara and Zara learn about Black Nova Scotian history. After, the twins give us a tour of their bedroom! They show us their pretty artwork and read us a poem about their love of animals. Then, their Dad gives them a special message from a Canadian veterinarian who motivates them to pursue their goal of becoming a veterinarian too!