Sunny's Quest


Nyla is a 10-year-old girl who lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her family and her dog, Europe! She is Canadian, Haitian, Trinidadian, and Jamaican and dreams of becoming the first Black Prime Minister of Canada! In her room, she shows us her cool ju-jitsu uniform, called a gi, all her gymnastics medals and her school award for being trustworthy. She is a hardworking student and invites us to her new Trinidadian Creole class where she learns to sing a traditional song! She then teaches us the difference between Haitian and Trinidadian Creole - so interesting! Her family surprises her with a very special message from a politician that is so excited to hear that she wants to get into politics too! Nyla performs her first speech as Prime Minister and teaches us about the history of Jean Augustine, who was instrumental in putting together legislation to recognize February as Black History Month across Canada! After taking a tour of Parliament Hill, Nyla meets the politician from her special message and asks them more personal questions that help her stay motivated! Nyla is hungry! Her grandmother shows us how to make Haitian Boulettes and Salade Rouge, which are delicious, comforting foods best shared with the entire family!