Sunny's Quest


Soulaiman is a 10-year-old boy from Gatineau, Quebec. His family comes from Sierra Leone and Guinea, and he loves travelling to both countries - especially to see the animals! He and his younger sister Mariama show us their special technique to eat okra stew and fufu. It's one of Soulaiman's favourite dishes from Guinea - yum! After, they play a popular African game called Ludo before Soulaiman gives us a tour of his room, where he shows us his comic book and African clothing collection, including his bazin and dashiki, which he likes to wear when it's sunny. Soulaiman also loves playing sports. Outside, he plays basketball with his friends and shows off his skills. After, he brings us to the Canadian Museum of Nature where he shares his passion for nature and animals. His special surprise comes from a role model who encourages him to follow his own path!