Mystery Files

The Mystery of Dine and Dash

The clues: An old photo of Montgomery's Inn, a small square plastic dish, a prop fish on a stick The file label: "Dash and Dine". The investigation: The kids look up the words "dash and dine" and the results show that the expression is actually "dine and dash". It means to run out on a bill without paying. So Kyla wonders if Hermione mixed up the words on her file label and she meant to write about stealing. But E.B. thinks the mystery might be about food. They split up the clues and head off to investigate. Kyla discovers that Montgomery's Inn is now a museum. But it used to be a place where travelers could rent rooms and get basic meals. Hermione even used to stop by for afternoon tea and gingerbread! Kyla helps make gingerbread the old-fashioned way and finds out that Hermione always paid her bill at Montgomery's Inn. So this mystery probably isn't about stealing. E.B. finds out that the plastic dish is a container from an airplane. So he heads to Gate Group, an airline services company. There, he meets Chef Russell who tells him that the dish is from an airplane meal. E.B. checks out the massive kitchen where airplane meals are made. He finds out that this kitchen makes about 8 million meals a year for people flying all over the world! The chef challenges E.B. to put together all the pieces that make up the completed airplane meal the chef has set out. E.B. completes the puzzle and discovers that airplanes are kind of the restaurants of the sky. Meanwhile, Kyla finds out that the prop fish on a stick clue is from a dinner theatre called Famous People Players. At the dinner theatre, she discovers that Famous People Players hires developmentally challenged people to work in the kitchen and put on a show that features giant puppet props. Kyla helps out in the kitchen for the pre-show dinner and gets to lift the curtain for the night's performance. Every night, Famous People Players prepare meals and put on a show for hundreds of people. Some of those people even come from out of town just to enjoy the experience.