Mystery Files

The Mystery of Times Change

The clues: A winding key with a clockmaker's name attached, a torn page from the railway museum with a bunch of numbers on it, a firefighter's helmet The file label: "Times Change" The investigation: Kyla promised her mom she'd be home by dinner. There's no time to waste in solving this mystery! E.B. meets a clockmaker where he discovers that the winding key is used to wind an old fashioned clock. Before clocks were invented, people used the sun's position to measure time and it wasn't very precise. Once mechanical clocks and watches were invented, keeping track of time got much easier. Being late just wasn't acceptable anymore! Meanwhile, at the Railway Museum Kyla finds out that the torn page is actually half of an antique railway timetable. Time was so important for the railway that they set their clocks every day and precise timetables were published. Later, a famous Canadian train engineer made things even more precise for the whole world when he came up with a system that divided the world into 24 different time zones. Keeping the trains on time forever changed the way we tell time. Kyla even gets to become a locomotive engineer on an antique train! E.B. follows the firefighter's helmet clue to a local firehouse. From sliding down a poll to reach the fire truck quickly, to getting geared up in less than one minute, every second counts for a firefighter. Timed with a stopwatch, E.B. manages to put on his gear in an impressive minute and eight seconds. Mystery solved: Back at the house the kids discover there's a famous saying: "Times change and we change with them". They deduce that what Hermione meant is that changing the way we measure time changes our way of life.