Raven's Quest


Javier is a 9-year-old Ojibwe boy from Manitoulin Island in Ontario. Javier loves cross-country running and he trains with his two friends Sheldon and Liam. In the forest, the three friends go hunting for critters and find a salamander! Javier is passionate about dinosaurs; he collects dinosaur coins and draws dinos too! His parents have a business that rents out cabins and Javier helps out by keeping the cabins clean. Javier loves to spend time with his Grandmother and she teaches him traditional beading - he shows us a medicine pouch she helped him make and he demonstrates how to do the beadwork. Javier takes us to his special fishing spot near his home and catches a huge salmon! Javier's special word is "zhibiige" in Ojibwe which means "to draw".