Raven's Quest


Pahquis is 8 years old. He's Ojibwe and lives in Wikwemikong in Ontario. Pahquis is a triple threat. He sings, he drums and he dances! He does two kinds of drumming: western style and traditional. Pahquis has never cut his hair and he explains that in his culture, people believe that if you cut your hair you lose your memories. He likes playing hockey and shows us a fossil in his bedroom. Pahquis thinks fossils are awesome. His special word is "shtaa taa haa" which means, "awesome!" Pahquis has a special job at school. This year he has been the guardian of the Eagle Staff. The spirit in the Eagle Staff protects the community. Pahquis sings and drums to the Eagle Staff. He also prays for it and smudges. In the forest, Pahquis practices archery with his cousins Raddam and Gwiss and then they hang out near the lake to look for fossils and rocks. Pahquis goes to hip hop class and he shows us what an opera lesson is like with his teacher, Everett. At Pahquis' school, it's time for the Eagle Staff ceremony. All the kids at school are dressed in their regalia. They dance and sing. The Eagle Staff is given an offering of food and then Pahquis passes the staff over to Liam, whose turn it is to take care of it over the next year.