Raven's Quest


Papatsie is an Inuk girl who lives in Ottawa, Ontario. She's 9 years old. Papatsie's English name is Keely, but she likes to be called Papatsie, which means "great provider". It's a name she inherited from her Grandfather, who once saved his Northern village from hunger by bringing back seals to feed everyone. Papatsie's room is filled with paintings by her father - he's an artist. Papatsie likes to draw and make art projects too! She plays the ukulele, and shows us one of her favourite photos of a trip she took to Niagara Falls with her family. Her best friend is Kendal, and when they aren't doing arts and crafts or playing in the park together, they throat sing. Papatsie explains that throat singing is a friendly competition, usually between two women. You win when you make the other person laugh. At the Museum, Papatsie and Kendal show us the Inuit exhibit. One of Papatsie's favourite places is the Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre where she and Kendall go after school. They play traditional games and learn about their culture. Papatsie and Kendall have a throat singing competition, and Papatsie wins!