Winter Playlist


Akobi is a 9-year-old boy from Kitigan Zibi, Quebec. He is half Anishinaabe and half Mohawk. He is learning all about traditional trapping from his Uncle Paul, and goes out to check the traps along with his Dad and his cousin Katste. One of the traps has caught a beaver, which his uncle will use to make a pelt! Akobi and Katste play some street hockey in the driveway, and then Akobi shows us how he makes smoked moose meat. It's like beef jerky but even better! In Akobi's culture, there is a very special coming of age ceremony - it's a fasting ceremony. Akobi is too young right now, but he tells us about the ceremony and shows us how to make the gifts he will give to the helpers once he's done. They are tobacco ties, because tobacco is a sacred medicine to the Anishinaabe. After meeting his family and giving us a tour of his room, we're off to play a hockey game with Akobi's team - the Maniwaki Mustangs. Akobi plays defense and loves being part of the team! Akobi's special word is ,amik, which means ,beaver, in the Algonquin Anishinabemowin language.