Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

I am Charlie Chaplin

Poor Dr. Zoom is stuck in the laundry basket awaiting a bath after taking an accidental dive into the grape jelly jar. Unable to play with her best turtle friend, Yadina is feeling pretty low. Wanting to help them both, the boys decide it's time to go... To the Secret Museum! Our heroes are sent back in time to meet one of the funniest film stars of all time: Charlie Chaplin. We meet young Charlie as he takes the stage on behalf of his mother, who has lost her voice. The audience is rather unhappy with the change at first, but Charlie soon has them all smiling and laughing with his funny performance. Even Yadina can't help but laugh! Inspired, Yadina goes home and puts on a similar performance to cheer up Dr. Zoom, now knowing that you can help people feel better by making them laugh.