[Music plays]

Entering an animated train a robot is making stuff as a T.V. screen shows an assembly line. The robot searches through a trunk, throws out items, then leaves the train, and passes by a "Making Stuff" sign with his circular robot sidekick.

A lively theme song says
Make, make, making stuff,
making stuff.
Make, make, making stuff,
making stuff.
Making stuff, making
stuff to play with.
Making stuff,
making stuff to eat.
Making stuff,
let's all go together 'cause
Making stuff,
there's new friends to meet.
So come where not
many get to go,
As Wiz and Gears,
start the show!
Make, make, making stuff
making stuff!

A clip shows a forklift carrying a sack of peanuts in a factory. Gear is a robot and Wiz is a red circular ball that floats.

Gears says Outta the
way Wiz!
Giant sack of peanuts
coming through!
That bag is huuuuge!

Wiz says That bag weighs about
1,000 kilograms, Gear.

Gears says Is it feeding time for
a herd of elephants?

The bag of peanuts is dropped into a processor.

Wiz says No!
We're making peanut butter!

Gears laughs and says I know we're
making peanut butter.
That was just me being funny.

Wiz says

A man empties the bags into a processor and closes the door.

Gears says Wiz, that guy is
emptying out the bag!
Next he'll ask us to
remove all the peanuts
from the shells!
That could take us all night!

Wiz watches as the machine spits out the nuts into a large container.

Gears says Hey!
Where are you going?
I'm not removing all
these shells by myself! Wiz!

Wiz says Shells are already gone!

Gears says Oh, phew!
That's a relief.

Wiz says Peanuts are going through
a gravity separator.

The conveyor shakes the peanuts and then carries it upwards.

Gears says
So just by using gravity,
they can separate the peanuts,
and the grate gets rid
of bits of shell or dirt.
Wiz ...is this conveyor
to be... shaking...
like that?

The machine roast the peanuts as they pass through
Wiz says It's shaking out
more bits of shell.

Gears says Yeah, first secret to
making peanut butter:
clean peanuts.
That big machine is HOT!
It must be roasting
the peanuts!

Wiz says Over 2,000 kilograms of
peanuts at a time.
Ah, Gears,
where'd you go?

Gears says That'll bring out
the peanut flavour!
Why didn't they remove all
the skins first though?

Wiz says Roasting them will
dry the peanuts.

Gears says Good plan!
That will make the skins
come off much easier.

The roasted peanuts fall through a waterfall of peanuts and bump into each other.

Gears says Perfect.
Our peanuts are roasted,
and the skins are loose.
What now?

Wiz says
Peanut bumper cars!

Gears say Ha ha!
That's right!
The peanuts are bumping
together like bumper cars!
That'll split them in half
and remove the skins
once and for all!

Wiz says This is quite an adventure.
I envy those peanuts.

The peanuts are carried up into a grinder that makes peanut butter.

Gears says Oh look.
They're going up again!
going into the grinder.

Gears says Yuck!
Hot peanut stew!
This is not peanut butter yet!
They have to grind it
some more and
Lots and lots of butter.

Wiz says No butter.
Gears says But it's called
peanut butter.
Just ask that guy.

The mixing screw mixes the peanut butter.

Wiz says They add salt, sugar
and vegetable oil.

Gears says Oh,
it LOOKS buttery.
That's why it's
called peanut butter.
Listen to that big
mixing screw work.
Wiz says
It sounds like a pig.

Gears says You'd make that sound
too if you scarfed back
peanut butter all day.

Wiz says Oink.

Gears says Something's bugging me though.

Wiz says Talk to me.

Gears says I only see smooth
peanut butter.
What about the
crunchy kind?

A machine separates the peanuts.

Wiz says All peanut butter
is made smooth.
They'll add peanuts
later to make it crunchy.

Gears says Crunchy fans
everywhere, rejoice!
Time to fill those
jars and move 'em out!

Wiz says
I love this part.

Gears says
Me too!
You know Wiz, my cousin
Wayne could never work here.

Wiz says
Why not?

The machine spins the jars around as they are filled with peanut butter.

Gears says Because he's
allergic to peanuts!
I have to be careful not to
have any peanut butter on me
when I see him.
Plus, he's a...
a can opener.
Look at those jars fill up
with creamy peanut butter!

Wiz says
Glub, glub, glub.

As the machine spins the jars plastic lids are placed on top.

Gears says
And off they go.
I wish we could ride the
peanut butter highway.
There they go around the bend.
Here come the lids!
Look at that thing go!
That machine is outta control!
It's like an octopus!
Look how fast it
caps those jars!
But where's the safety seal?

Wiz says The what?

A picture shows the seal.

Gears says The seal that you break
when you open a new jar?

Wiz says The safety seal is already
in the lid before it goes on.

Gears says Breaking the seal
is the best part!
Wiz says I wouldn't know.
You always do it.

The peanut butter jars have labels placed on them and then placed in boxes.

Gears says And off they go again!
Look at how they
get the labels on!
They spin them!
All that's left to do
is put them in boxes,
seal them and ship
them to the stores.
So Wiz, you haven't
told me yet...
which one are you?
Smooth or crunchy?

Wiz says I think we both know
who the smooth one is...

Gears says Hah!
Believe it or not, I knew
you would say that Wiz.
So I prepared you
a little something.
This way guys!

Wiz says Gears, how much peanut
butter did you order?

Gears says Well,
let's just say you
need to stock up
on some jam...
you know,
PB and J?

Wiz says But Gears, we don't
even have mouths...

Gears says Oh....

Copyright 2010, Making Stuff Productions.