(Theme music playing)

Against paint stains on a white background, the title of the show reads "Create."

A close-up shot shows a hand panting the word "Painting." A caption reads "Splatter."

The caption changes to "You will need cardboard, acrylic paints, small paint roller, brushes, circle template, water, glitter. Tap one brush against another to achieve paint splats. Hold brush close to page. Hit brush harder to cover a larger area."

The person follows the instructions given.

Purple splats appear on the page.

The caption changes to "Hot tip! Adding more water will increase size of splats. Now to make some art."

The person uses a paint roller to paint a black rectangle and places a template with three circles on top. Then, the person splats paint of different colours inside the circles, paints other strokes and adds glitter.

Finally, the person paints "By me."