´╗┐The name of the show appears on paint splatter canvas. It reads "Create."

A set of hands write the word "Christmas" with glue and red and green glitter.

A caption reads "Reindeer hands Christmas card. You will need: coloured cardboard, patterned paper, googly eyes, glue, paint and brush (water soluble), large pom-poms, pen, more pom-poms, scissors."

The instructions read "Fold card in half. Paint hand. Press hand on card. Glue on eyes and nose. Cut out bowtie and glue on. Add final touches."

The hands glue a pom-pom in the middle of the bow tie and finger paints more antlers on the head.

The instructions continue "Add a tinsel border. Allow to dry. Write your message."

The hand writes "Hey dad! Merry Christmas! You're awesome! Gracey."