´╗┐The name of the show appears on paint splatter canvas. It reads "Create."

A set of hands write the word "Christmas" with glue and red and green glitter.

A caption reads "Reindeer strawberries. You will need: strawberries, marshmallows, icy-pole sticks, pretzels, melted chocolate (ask an adult for help)."
The cook grabs a strawberry and cuts it on a board.
The instructions read "Cut tip and put aside. Make small cut for antlers. Put stick in other end. Dip strawberry in chocolate. Use tip for nose."
She cuts a mini marshmallow in half.
The instructions continue "Use marshmallows for eyes. Use pretzel for antlers."

The cook uses tiny bits of chocolate on marshmallow eyes as pupils. Then bends pipe cleaners into bows around the sticks.
The instructions continue "Decorate your reindeer."