(music plays)

In animation, the name of a craft show appears against splotches of colourful paint. It reads "Create."

A set of hands mold colourful clay to form the letters of the word "Clay."

A caption reads "Octopus."

The caption changes to "You will need."

The list of materials for the craft reads "Different coloured polymer clay. Clay tools or a skewer!"

The instructor kneads two different clay colours together.

The steps for the craft appear on screen as the instructor goes through them.

They read "Twist off a large piece of clay for the head. Divide the rest of the clay into eight even pieces. Roll out the legs. Attach the legs to the head. Smooth the joins."

The instructor curls the legs.

Instructions read "Give the octopus a face. [illegible] some suckers! [illegible] toothpick for the smaller suckers."