(music plays)

In animation, the name of a craft show appears against splotches of colourful paint. It reads "Create."

A set of hands mold colourful clay to form the letters of the word "Clay."

A caption reads "Fruit platter."

The caption changes to "You will need."

The list of materials for the craft reads "Different coloured polymer clay. A skewer, a plastic knife, and a pencil."

The steps for the craft appear on screen as the instructor goes through them.

They read "Shape the clay like a banana. [illegible] the clay to make detail lines. Make the grapes roughly the same size. Mix clay to create a solid colour. Stretch clay out evenly to create apple skin. [illegible] pinch and smooth skin over ball. Make an apple shape."

The instructor uses the skewer and the pencil to give shape to the apple. Then wraps a flattened circle of green clay around a red clay ball to make a watermelon.

Instructions read "Cut a slice of apple."

The instructor then cuts a slice of watermelon, makes seeds with black clay and put the different fruits on a platter.