A caption in multicoloured paint splatter reads, “Create.”

Pencil crayons roll together to form the caption “Back to School.”

A caption reads, “After school snack: Rice Paper Rolls”

Sliced vegetables are laid around a green cutting board.

A caption reads, “Your choice of Cooked chicken, or cooked mince, or cooked prawns, or cooked tuna, or tofu. As well as lettuce, carrots, bean shoots, Capsicum, Cucumber. Thai basil and coriander. Cold Cooked rice noodles. Satay sauce, Sweet Chilli sauce. Rice paper.”

Rice paper is grabbed off the green cutting board. It is placed in a large glass bowl, filled with water.

A caption reads, “Dip the rice paper into a bowl of water to soften it.”

The rice paper is rotated in the bowl.

A caption reads, “Lay out the rice paper on a board.”

The circular rice paper is stretched out on the cutting board.

A caption reads, “Add your ingredients.”

Cooked chicken is placed in the centre of the rice paper. It is topped with carrots, cucumber, capsicum, lettuce, bean shoots, the cold cooked rice noodles. The fillings of the rice paper are topped with a spoonful of satay sauce. Thai basil is ripped off its stem and added. Sprigs of Coriander are placed on top.

A caption reads, “Fold the sides up first. Then the bottom."

The sticky rice paper wraps around the meat and vegetables inside.

A caption reads, “Then roll it up!”

The rice paper is tightly spun on the cutting board. A variety of rice paper filling combinations appear.

A caption reads, “The perfect brain food for doing your homework!”


A caption in multicoloured paint splatter reads, “Create”.