A caption in multicoloured paint splatter reads, “Create.”

Pencil crayons roll together to form the caption “Back to School.”

Six bananas a lined up in order of greenest to ripest.

A caption reads, “Which banana will you take to school?”

Someone points at the greenest.

A caption reads, “Too green.”

The person’s finger points to the next greenest banana.

A caption reads, “Still too green.”

The third banana is pointed at.

A caption reads, “Getter better, but not quite.”

The person wags their finger. They point to the ripest two bananas.

A caption reads, “These ones are too ripe, but great for a smoothie."

The person gives a thumbs up. They point at a ripe banana with few brown spots.

A caption reads, “Perfect!”

The other bananas are pushed aside.

A caption reads, “Look for Golden skin. Flecks of brown.”

The banana is placed in a purple and green lunch box. It lays on top of a sandwich, and carrot and celery sticks.


A caption in multicoloured paint splatter reads “Create”.