A caption in multicoloured paint splatter reads, “Create.”

Pencil crayons roll together to form the caption “Back to School.”

A caption reads, “Lunch 3 ways. You will need: Lettuce, A carrot cut into sticks, get an adult to help.”

A thinly cut carrot stick is placed in a bowl with other carrot sticks.

A caption reads, “A tomato…sliced. Cucumber…sliced. Cheese. Hummus. And a wrap.”

Hummus is spread across the middle of a brown bread wrap. Carrot sticks and tomato slices are places on top of it. A row of cucumber is piled over the tomatoes. Two slices of cheese are laid on the cucumber slices. A lettuce leaf is rolled and placed on the cheese. The wrap is folded, the rolled on a wooden cutting board.

A caption reads, “Pita Pocket. Grab a pita pocket”

The pita is laid on the cutting board. An edge is pulled apart, and the pita is opened up. Hummus is spread on the walls inside. A lettuce leaf is torn apart and stuffed into the pita. Four tomato slices are laid on top of the lettuce. Rows of cucumber are added, as well as three slices of cheese. Carrot sticks are spread over the cheese, and a dollop of hummus is added on top. The pita is closed.

A caption reads, “Sandwich. Grab some bread.”

Two slices of bread are laid on the cutting board. Hummus is spread over one slice. Lettuce is placed on top. Tomatoes and cucumbers are added to the sandwich. Carrot sticks are spread out over the cucumbers. Three and a half slices of cheese cover them. Hummus is spread across the other slice of bread, and the sandwich is assembled.

The Wrap, Pita, and Sandwich are spread out on the cutting board.


A caption in multicoloured paint splatter reads, “Create.”