A caption in multicoloured paint splatter reads, “Create.”

Pencil crayons roll together to form the caption “Back to School.”

A caption reads, “Pencil case decoration: Pom Pom. You will need: Wide ribbon. One big and one small lid. Thread. Cardboard. Scissors. String.”

Cardboard is laid on a table.

A caption reads, “Draw two circles using the large lid. Use the smaller lid to draw a smaller circle in the middle. Cut them out.”

The larger circles are cut out of the cardboard with a pair of blue scissors.

A caption reads, “Cut into the inner circle too.”

The smaller circles are cut out of the larger circles.

A caption reads, “Hold the rings together, line up the cuts. Pull out a length of both ribbons.”

Purple and Blue ribbon are stretched out from a roll. They are held together at their ends.

A caption reads, “Twist together to make them easier to work with. Wrap the ribbon around the ring. Don’t leave gaps”

The purple and blue ribbon is wound tightly around the cardboard.

A caption reads, “Cut the ribbon, keeping an extra bit.”

The extra ribbon is tucked into the ring.

A caption reads, “Slips the scissors between the two rings, and cut all the way around. Cut a length of thread. Wrap the thread between the two rings. Tie a knot.“

The string is pulled tight.

A caption reads, “Tie a knot at the end of the string to make a big loop. Trim the ends. Tuck the knot in the middle of the Pom Pom. Tie it in place with a thread.”

The string is pulled tightly again.

A caption reads, “Trim the ends. Remove the cardboard rings. Shape the Pom Pom. Trim any long pieces."

The Pom Pom is twirled around someone’s finger. It is attached to a blue pencil case with yellow string. It lays beside a red tassel.


A caption in multicoloured paint splatter reads, “Create.”