(music plays)

In animation, the name of a craft show appears against splotches of colourful paint. It reads "Create."

A hand appears writing the word "Valentines" with a crayon.

A caption reads "Alien love pops."

The caption changes to "You will need."

The list of materials for the craft reads "Coloured paper, pipe cleaners, lollipops, glue, a marker, a pencil, scissors, mini pomp oms, goggly eyes, love hearts."

The steps for the craft appear on screen as the instructor goes through them.

They read "Make two arms with a pipe cleaner. Give them some shape. Make two more arms. Glue on some eyes, make antennae. Glue it to the lollipop. Add pomp oms. Create a message."

The instructor writes a message on a piece of colourful paper that reads "You're out of this world!"

The instructor glues a love heart on the card and then glues the card to the lollipop.

Instructions read "Use a round lollipop. Trace a circle. Trace a bigger circle around the smaller one. Cut it out. create your planet!"

She sticks the lollipop in the paper ring.