(music plays)

In animation, the name of a craft show appears against splotches of colourful paint. It reads "Create."

A hand appears writing the word "Valentines" with a crayon.

A caption reads "Owl be your and bear hug."

The caption changes to "You will need."

The list of materials for the craft reads "Coloured paper, scissors and glue, cardboard rolls (don't use toilet rolls!) coloured thread, lollies, furry material, a pencil and cardboard and googly eyes."

The steps for the craft appear on screen as the instructor goes through them.

They read "Slightly flatten the roll. Fold in the ends to create a box."

The instructor folds the ends in a semicircle.

Instructions read "Stick a strip of paper around the box. Stick on some eyes and a beak!"

The instructor cuts out a cardboard triangle for the beak.

Instructions read "Fill it with lollies. Fold the end to close. Add a bow. Flatten another roll. Cover with furry material. Fold in the ends. Give it a face!"

She glues on some eyes and paper cut snout and tongue and fills it with lollies.