(Upbeat theme music plays)

Text in multicoloured paint splatter
reads, “Create.”

A rocket ship floats past stars. Behind it,
text reads, “Space Experiments”

Text reads, “Constellation Projector”, followed
by “You will need”.

Text reads, “Paper”, “Cardboard”, “Cardboard
roll”, “Sticky tape”, “Black tape”, “Scissors”,
“Permanent marker”, “Paper clips”, and “Torch”

A flashlight is pictured.

Text reads, “Constellations are a group of stars
that form a particular pattern in the sky and have
been given a name”.

(Digital sound effect)

Green cardboard is placed on a table. A slice of
purple paper is laid on top of it.

Text reads, “Trace two circles using the cardboard

The permanent marker is used to draw two circles
on the paper.

The cardboard roll is set aside.

Text reads, “Draw shapes in the circles”.

A star and a smiley face are drawn inside the

The paperclip is stretched out.

Text reads, “Use a paperclip to punch out the

Holes are poked through the paper along the
outlines of the drawings.

Scissors are used to cut the paper. The circles
are cut out.

A small piece of black tape is cut off the roll.

Text reads, “Tape a circle to the end of the roll.”

The circle with the star drawn on it is taped to
the cardboard roll with the black tape.

The circle with the smiley face is taped to the
end of another cardboard roll.

Scissors are used to cut the cardboard in half.

The cardboard is rolled along the side of the
cardboard roll with the smiley face attached.

Text reads, “Wrap the roll in cardboard.”

The sticky tape is used to tape down the edge
of the cardboard.

The process is done again for the star circle
taped to the cardboard roll.

The smiley face roll and the star roll are stood
up, side by side.

Text reads, “Shine a torch through the roll.”

A flashlight is placed at the end of the smiley
face roll.

Lights in a room are turned out. The flashlight
with the smiley roll is pointed at a wall. The
flashlight is turned on and a smiley face is projected
onto the wall.

Text reads, “Ask an adult to help and turn the
torch off when you’re done.”

The star is projected on the wall.

(Upbeat theme music plays)

Text in multicoloured paint splatter reads, “Create.”