(Cheerful theme music)

Multicoloured spattered paint.

Title: Create

(Rhythmic music and clapping)

People lay down three-dimensional letters and paint them different colours.

Text reads, Papier-mâché

(Funky music)

Text reads, How to make Papier Mache mix

Text reads, Take a large bowl

An instructor puts an orange bowl on a flat surface.

Text reads, Add 1 cup of cornflour

Text reads, Add cold water and stir

The instructor stirs cornflour powder and water in the bowl with a wooden spoon, forming a milky liquid.

Text reads, Then add 3 cups of hot water and stir

The instructor pours a pitcher of water into the bowl.

Text reads, If it’s too thick add more water

Text reads, Add in shredded paper

The instructor places a clear bowl of shredded paper next to the orange bowl. They take handfuls of shredded paper and add them to the liquid in the orange bowl. The instructor presses the shredded paper in with the wooden spoon.

Text reads, Time to get messy!

Text reads, Mix the mulche with your hands until the mix is stiff

The instructor uses both hands to knead and mix the shredded paper and the liquid. The mix becomes lumpy.

Text reads, Like this!

Text reads, Now you’re good to go!

The instructor gives two thumbs up over the orange bowl containing the mix.

(Cheerful theme music)

Multicoloured spattered paint.

Title: Create