(clock ticking)

A boy plays with building blocks.

A title reads "Tik Tak."

An animation shows sheep popping out of a house with a ticking clock as the sun sets and the moon appears.

(music plays)

A cube rolls down a stork puzzle covering and uncovering its pieces.

An origami flower pot slowly builds up.

A toddler opens the house with a ticking clock and peeps into it.

A lizard paints a ladybug sticking its tongue to apply different colors.

A centipede appears on a plate made of vegetables and lentils.

Two dolphins play with a paper ball in the sea. An umbrella appears on the paper.

A toddler watches a boat draw a seahorse in sand.

A pop-up book opens. A girl tries to stop a bird that takes a wooden leg.

She slides down a slide in a tree house. The bird drops the wooden leg. A lounge chair builds up using the leg. Then, the bird drops a longer leg. An umbrella pops up using the longer leg. The girl sits and enjoys a drink. The pop-up book closes.