Text over markers, pencil crayons, construction paper, clothing pins, and tape reads, “Make Your Own Planets Little Malabar.” A person sweeps the supplies off a tabletop.

[Vocalizing, crash]

An animated light bulb turns yellow. The person types on an animated computer and enters “Planets Little Malabar” into a search engine.

[Upbeat music plays]

Voices say, OH.

Two printouts slide out of a printer. The person crumples a blank piece of paper and picks up a roll of tape. The person wraps the tape around the crumpled paper.

The person picks up a round yellow ball of dough and squishes it. It turns green as the person rolls it into a ball.

The person flattens the green dough, then wraps it around the crumpled paper.

The person stretches two green spikes on the top of the green ball and flattens a band of white dough around the top. The person puts two paper eyes on the ball.

The person takes a second print out and combines different colours of dough into a ball. The person flattens it, then rolls a white ball of dough into the centre of the flattened beige dough. The person wraps the beige dough around the white ball, and wraps a white band of dough around the centre of the beige ball.

The person uses a knife to cut the dough in half.

[Upbeat music plays]

The person stretches dough over a forty-five inch record, then puts one half of the beige ball on top of the record and one half beneath it, so the record looks like a ring in the middle. The person puts eyes on the beige ball.

[Upbeat music plays]

The beige ball rests beside planets and asteroids made of dough.

End Credits:

“Director Eric Bezy